Nouvelles & Projets

April 2020: Relocation to the new 200 sqm office space in Münster-Roxel. A small training center is also being planned.

February 2020: Our company has its 10th birthday this year. We thank all customers and business partners. We also had a company video made, which can be viewed on our front page.

July 2015: restructuring of the company into a GmbH.

June 2013: Extension of the office space in the Hafenstr. 3-5, Münster.

Since December 2012, we support authoring of safety data sheets for a well-known chemical company in Leverkusen.

July 2012: Creation of cleaning validation plans for a medium-sized medical device company in Stuttgart

Since 12/10 (Regulation (EU) No 453/2010) in Section 1.4 of the safety data sheet an emergency number of a public institution (such as a poison emergency call center) must be implemented.

November 20011 Germany: The law implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 and
Adaptation of the Chemicals Act and other laws with respect to the Treaty of Lisbon (CLP Anpassungsgesetz) on 8 November 2011 Federal Law Gazette have been published (Federal Law Gazette I, p 2162). The law was brought into force in November 2011. For this reason, all dangerous preparations (including irritant preparations) must be reported to national authorities.

Since 11 January 2012 the European Portal for cosmetic products (CPNP) is accessible. The notification of cosmetic products until July 2013 is voluntary with regard to the new portal. For new applications, however, it should already be done there to avoid « double notifications ».

March 2011: Moving into the new office space in Münster

June 2010 – November 2011: Interim Management QA Manager in the GMP area