Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

Create, update and plausibility checks of REACH Safety Data Sheets (German and international languages) for substances and mixtures.

Samples: German_Fensterreiniger_D-de_1,0 , English_Window Cleaner_GB-en_1,0 , french_Window Cleaner_F-fr_1,0

Countries & languages: UK, USA, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, SA, Russia, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Russia, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic , Italy and much more other countries

We create your SDS Dataset in a modern Software Databank. As it is encoded in EuPhrac standard phrases a quick transfer in each language is possible. This safes time and makes later revisions much more easier compared with a traditional translation.

What documentation do we need to create SDS? – Please get in touch with us!

Authoring of the Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDB)

Classifications according to EC 1272/2008 (CLP) and GHS

Notification to use the emergency telephone number in Section 1.4 (Country specific, EU)

Advice on the UFI Code and PCN Notification (ECHA)


Authoring of the CSR ( Chemical safety Report)

Notification/Registration of Substances

Consulting Service for REACH/CLP/GHS


Advice on biocide regulation (EU) No. 528/2012

Advice & Classification on hazardous goods in the transport sector (ADR)