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The UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) is a vital identification element, facilitating quick linkage between a product and its recipe when contacting a poison information service. This alphanumeric code, comprising 16 characters in four blocks separated by a hyphen (e.g., UFI: E600-30P1-S00Y-5079), must be placed near other labeling elements or in Section 1.1 of the safety data sheet (SDS) if labeling is not required.

Products sharing the same UFI must have identical recipes. If a product's recipe changes, the UFI must also be updated. Assigning multiple UFIs for one recipe is possible. The UFI can be generated using the UFI generator oft he European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), derived from the Value-added TAX (VAT) identification number and a unique recipe number. It should be affixed to the packaging of the hazardous mixture. However, note that the UFI alone does not reveal information about the mixture's composition.

We provide competent assistance in creating the UFI by cooperating with suppliers and per-forming the task itself

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